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So I was planning to work on voice stuff but unfortunately my laptop blew up. I can only use my phone  for now until I get a new laptop. Another thing is I decided to take a break from background acting  so I could experiment with my hair without getting in trouble for it. Thirdly, lately I've just been in a cosplay performing mood. So once I move I'm starting a cosplay troop and getting my name out there more. Forth and probably finally I am going to school fairly soon to learn more acting and coding. I'm excited for the future!

Gonna give this place a shot again with a fresh start and a hella lot more commitment. I haven't been on here in years and I miss doing Newgrounds stuff. So while I was gone A LOT and not so a lot has happened. Most of the big stuff that's happened, happened within the last..few months and one of them won't be out in theatres till this summer. (I shit you not I'm in a movie, nothing role related but you may get to see my face...near Justin Timberlake) BUT any hoot I'm back and feel better enough to start getting my ass in gear into knowing what I want. And what I want is to be a voice actor for animations. I'm finally biting the bullet and don't care about how terrified I feel. This is where I need to be...WITH MY PEEPS! *awkward crickets* I hope people are still on here...

Okey sooo within the past few months I have done a few things. Some really good and some really bad (but I won't get into all the bad for personal reasons). Good: I am a comerical actor now for an agencey, I got my permit, and  I am a ride operator at a theme park for a job. I've also been soming up with some new ideas that I want to try to animate myself once I get enough money for a new tablet.  Bad things I'd perfer not to talk about as I said it's personal, but I'm not giving up on myself and will try harder to pull myself out of this hole I'm in. But getting back to the whole agencey thing it does not interfear with my work on here.  I never ask for payment other than my name being credited. As quickly as I want to jumpstart my life I know I have to take baby steps and starting my work on a place I've admired for many years. 

I shouldn't be making excuses for being away for so long. All I've learned is that humanity sucks...and no longer being in school really throws off your sleeping pattern. It's been..damn almost a year since I've been on here and lets just say sooooooooooooooo much has gone on within the time that has passed. The details are just to personal to be told, but I'm trying to get back to what I want to do... and see where it can still go from here. once again I  apoligize for my sudden disapearance if anyone is still out there.

These past few weeks I've been focusing on work and nothing else, I apoligize for not being here I got a little caught up in everything. ^^" This job isn't going so well anyway and I don't know if they're going to fire me or not...Being an actor is easy for me, being a waitress is the most stressful sistuation I've ever been in. I'd rather be on here talking to people who have the same passion as I have then asking people if they want chicken or viel any day. I once again apologize for not being here.


In other news I am going to start narrating  some D&D ! I I'm doing it as a side project to earn a little cash. I'm a very poor narrator, in order for me to keep up with newgrounds I need money for internet. I'm not sure yet how much the audio books are going to be yet but I promiss you they're probably going to be like a dollar.

Hello everyone!(update)

2014-08-27 18:01:08 by Ladyturantulo

Hi everyone! So, recently I just got a new job and I will still be available...just not as often. On a lighter note it's a job where I'm a singing waiter! Even better the people that work there also work at our local off, off, off, of,f off, off, broadway theatre! 

How do I begin?

2014-06-17 23:37:21 by Ladyturantulo

Hello! To whom ever reads this...My name is Laura! (You can call me by my username or my real name all what your comfortable with!) I'm here to be your new female voice actor!! That's right! You Sir/lady, I want you to hire me! Why me you may ask? What makes me so unique? WEL-HEH-EL  you'll just see once you hire me! I'm extremely funny, not afraid to make weird voices and noises, and will fully comit to your project (scouts honor!!!). I'm on a mission folks, and my mission is to work for you!

my sound cloud demo!: