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fell of the earth for a whiel there, sorry folks!

2014-09-15 13:47:37 by Ladyturantulo

These past few weeks I've been focusing on work and nothing else, I apoligize for not being here I got a little caught up in everything. ^^" This job isn't going so well anyway and I don't know if they're going to fire me or not...Being an actor is easy for me, being a waitress is the most stressful sistuation I've ever been in. I'd rather be on here talking to people who have the same passion as I have then asking people if they want chicken or viel any day. I once again apologize for not being here.


In other news I am going to start narratingĀ  some D&D ! I I'm doing it as a side project to earn a little cash. I'm a very poor narrator, in order for me to keep up with newgrounds I need money for internet. I'm not sure yet how much the audio books are going to be yet but I promiss you they're probably going to be like a dollar.


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2014-09-15 14:06:18

Good luck! It's a very competitive business out there. I listened to your Pokemon demo and think you have a great voice. ^^

Ladyturantulo responds:

Thankyou! ^^