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oi vey...hey guys guess who's back..eheheh ^^

2015-06-12 06:13:11 by Ladyturantulo

I shouldn't be making excuses for being away for so long. All I've learned is that humanity sucks...and no longer being in school really throws off your sleeping pattern. It's been..damn almost a year since I've been on here and lets just say sooooooooooooooo much has gone on within the time that has passed. The details are just to personal to be told, but I'm trying to get back to what I want to do... and see where it can still go from here. once again I  apoligize for my sudden disapearance if anyone is still out there.


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2015-06-12 06:37:33

Welcome back!How have you been?

Ladyturantulo responds:

pretty good ^^


2015-06-12 07:10:50

Hi there


2015-06-12 09:57:55

Welcome back! Whatever brought you back is your business, NG is always gonna be here so you're always welcome here whenever you want with open arms from everyone at NG ^^

Ladyturantulo responds:

thank you :)


2015-06-19 10:41:11



2015-09-26 12:54:57

Ayy yer alive! Welcome back!
I don't know if I'm in any kind of same boat as you are, but I dropped out of university after the first few months because of financial issues, and I've been kind of fumbling about in the addlepated stupor of "what do I do with my life" since.
ONE THING THAT HELPED ME A LOT, is Alan Watts lectures, stuff's cash yo.