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wake me up when september ends...with a pumpkin spiced late

2015-09-27 01:08:27 by Ladyturantulo

Okey sooo within the past few months I have done a few things. Some really good and some really bad (but I won't get into all the bad for personal reasons). Good: I am a comerical actor now for an agencey, I got my permit, and  I am a ride operator at a theme park for a job. I've also been soming up with some new ideas that I want to try to animate myself once I get enough money for a new tablet.  Bad things I'd perfer not to talk about as I said it's personal, but I'm not giving up on myself and will try harder to pull myself out of this hole I'm in. But getting back to the whole agencey thing it does not interfear with my work on here.  I never ask for payment other than my name being credited. As quickly as I want to jumpstart my life I know I have to take baby steps and starting my work on a place I've admired for many years. 


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2015-09-27 02:02:38

That's the spirit! now go out there and show them who is the baby stepper!

Ladyturantulo responds:

XD thank you