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2017-01-05 05:07:46 by Ladyturantulo

Gonna give this place a shot again with a fresh start and a hella lot more commitment. I haven't been on here in years and I miss doing Newgrounds stuff. So while I was gone A LOT and not so a lot has happened. Most of the big stuff that's happened, happened within the last..few months and one of them won't be out in theatres till this summer. (I shit you not I'm in a movie, nothing role related but you may get to see my face...near Justin Timberlake) BUT any hoot I'm back and feel better enough to start getting my ass in gear into knowing what I want. And what I want is to be a voice actor for animations. I'm finally biting the bullet and don't care about how terrified I feel. This is where I need to be...WITH MY PEEPS! *awkward crickets* I hope people are still on here...


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2017-01-05 08:18:25

You're gonna be near JT? Well, good for you! I hope one day to be nearby some of my favorite musicians on stage. That would be the shit.
And welcome back to Newgrounds. Some of my favorite Newgrounders are no longer active, but there is still plenty of talent and drama here.

Ladyturantulo responds:

Thank you it's good to be back ^^


2017-01-05 19:00:10

Congrats on your role in the Movie hun. That's a really big jump.

I have a new animated project coming together and would like to add you as a voice actor in the anime.

Ladyturantulo responds:

Thank you! And that sounds like fun! send me the details! :)


2017-03-24 01:42:29